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Re: pulseaudio lossage

Greg Troxel wrote:
> Pending a fix to pulseaudio to build on NetBSD 4, I propose removing
> pulseaudio from PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS everywhere it appears and causes
> me grief, and putting it back unconditionally only when pulseaudio can
> be built on all supported pkgsrc platforms.  Objections?

Having a look at pulseaudio some time ago I doubt that it's a easy task to 
make pulseaudio work even on major pkgsrc platforms. Pulling in such 
major changes with making it default for many packages (including major 
ones) so close to the release isn't just acceptable.

Most likely pulseaudio remains broken in DragonFly (I doubt that importers 
made pulseaudio work in it) because I just don't have any time for 
development work during xmas. This means that major multimedia stuff 
(SDL, mplayer) remains broken in 2008Q4 for DragonFly and I suspect that 
it's not the only one.

Hasso Tepper

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