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pulseaudio lossage

I am having the same problem as pkg/40226, audio/pulseaudio failing to

checking atomic_ops.h usability... no
checking atomic_ops.h presence... no
checking for atomic_ops.h... no
configure: error: *** libatomic-ops headers not found
*** Error code 1

This is arguably an upstream bug, but as the PR notes, pulseaudio is
dragged in by a lot of things.

I am not clear on how necessary pulseaudio is.  Is this yet another
sound server which is a reasonable choice, or is it the new GNOME way
and it's bad not to have it.

Pending a fix to pulseaudio to build on NetBSD 4, I propose removing
pulseaudio from PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS everywhere it appears and causes
me grief, and putting it back unconditionally only when pulseaudio can
be built on all supported pkgsrc platforms.  Objections?

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