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Re: pulseaudio lossage

Adam Hoka <> writes:

>> This is arguably an upstream bug, but as the PR notes, pulseaudio is
>> dragged in by a lot of things.
> No, its a pkgsrc/gcc bug.

ok - that's quite nonobvious from the build output

>> I am not clear on how necessary pulseaudio is.  Is this yet another
>> sound server which is a reasonable choice, or is it the new GNOME way
>> and it's bad not to have it.
> The latter.

I suspected..

>> Pending a fix to pulseaudio to build on NetBSD 4, I propose removing
>> pulseaudio from PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS everywhere it appears and causes
>> me grief, and putting it back unconditionally only when pulseaudio can
>> be built on all supported pkgsrc platforms.  Objections?
> I would like to see bugs fixed instead of hidden. :-)

I am not proposing to make devel/pulseaudio hide anything - just to have
other software have default dependencies only on things that actually
build.  That's no worse than pre the pulseaudio import.

Thanks for the patch - I'll try it.  It's certainly far better if the
pulseaudio package can just be fixed.  But if it's not fixed soon, I
think we need to remove the options to the quarterly branch isn't
massively broken on the current release of NetBSD.

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