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BUILD_INFO and rcs tags


while trying to find out why pbluk rebuilt a lot of packages without
any change to pkgsrc between two runs, I ran into some oddities of
BUILD_INFO (and pbulk's pkg-up-to-date, and that they disagree).

BUILD_INFO extracts anything that begins with `$NetBSD', even escaped
RCS Ids ("$NetBSD" . "$") or unexpanded RCS Ids ($NetBSD$).

(pkg-up-to-date, on the other hand, uses ident, which only extracts
expanded RCS Ids, but isn't limited to NetBSD).

  So, what exactly do we want to show up in BUILD_INFO?

  My take would be to use '$NetBSD:.*$', but maybe users with local
packages that use different identifier tags want them to show up in
BUILD_INFO, too.  (We have support for this in pkglint.)  Then, I'd
suggest '$[A-Za-z]:.*$'.

  In any case, the way BUILD_INFO is created and the way it is checked
in pkg-up-to-date should be identical.



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