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Should USE_LIBTOOL=yes create a dependency on libtool-base?

I would assume so, and the pkgsrc guide seems to indicate that it does.

I'm creating a package for rsyslogd on Ubuntu and url2pkg (which is a very handy program) added USE_LIBTOOL=yes to the Makefile for me, but when I typed bmake, all I ended up with was a shell error message that .../bin/libtool was not found. I installed libtool-base and everything built just fine.

I'm afraid that I'm a bit focussed on rsyslogd and actually using it, so I don't have time to dig into things. If someone says that USE_LIBTOOL=yes should create a dependency on libtool-base, then that may encourage me to use some of my Copious Free Time(tm) to look for a reason why it went wrong.

Lloyd Parkes
Systems Consultant
Open Systems
Ph: +64 4 890 2437

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