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Amusing warning from x11/xf86-input-void

I was watching the output from a pkgsrc modular-x set of builds
scroll past when I saw this ...

WARNING: *** Please consider adding fortran to USE_LANGUAGES in the package 

(It also suggests c++ but that's much less amusing).

This was from (as the subject suggests) xf86-input-void, and
appears as the very last output of the configuring stage, under
=> Modifying libtool scripts to use pkgsrc libtool

just before

===> Building for xf86-input-void-1.1.1nb1

The same request (to use fortran) appears from several of the
other xf86-* packages (maybe all of them, I didn't look that
closely, it is a lot of output...).   How something is deciding
that fortran could be even remotely useful when building the
X server and its components I have no idea, but it is kind of
amusing to imagine it.


ps: this is not (really) a complaint, it does after all all seem to build,
even without fortran anywhere in sight!

pps: this was generated using pkg_comp, libkver, in an emulated
NetBSD 3.0 system - because of pkg_comp PKG_DEVELOPER=YES.

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