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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/gtkimageview

David Sainty <> writes:

> Greg Troxel wrote:
>> writes:
>>> Greg Troxel writes:
>>>> Log Message:
>>>> Put tarball someplace with a standard name, and reference it there.
>>>> Include URL to upstream bug about tarball naming.
>>> But I think this is really our problem, I.e. the bug report in ticket
>>> 27 isn't really fair, we should be able to make requests from Pkgsrc
>>> like the suggested
>>> I have a solution for you, that works in Pkgsrc right now and means
>>> you can keep using the real master site:
>>> This relies on ignoring parameters it
>>> doesn't recognise (in this case "pkgsrcIgnore"), but that's usually a
>>> safe assumption, and it works in this case.
> It isn't just TRAC that requires this...  I required it in
> gimp-fix-ca.  I know I've seen other packages encounter this problem,
> though I don't recall which, or whether they had a different solution.

OK, I can believe that.

>> The hardest problem is to get this behavior when downloading from that
>> site, and the normal behavior when downloading from a regular mirror.
> My suggestion gets this right, because the other mirror URLs remain
> unchanged.

Sorry - I didn't get how that worked.  I now see that pkgsrcIgnore= is
set to the DISTNAME when MASTER_SITES is concatenated, and the
FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS is unnecessary but not harmful.

>> pkgsrc seems to have it wired pretty deep that there are distfiles, and
>> directory URLs, and that one can combine them.  So that really argues
>> for a variables that says a particular site is special, and wants a
>> suffix, and to have the output directed to a different place.
> Yeah, there are a few ways to do this.  I think what you're suggesting
> is that Pkgsrc detect sites requiring special handling and
> automatically cope?  That sounds too smart to me though.  I don't have
> any problem myself with individual package Makefiles just providing
> the right URLs.  At least unless it's something as widely used as
> SourceForge, where helpful lists of mirrors is an obvious win.

No, I was suggesting that pkgsrc have a feature that one can express
that a particular site has an odd download method.  Perhaps that can be
"this method is odd" and "here's how to combine MASTER_SITES, DISTNAME,
and EXTRACT_SUFX to make a URL", with "this method is odd" being enough
to add the FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS like you suggest.  This is really just
about what you are doing, except it removes the pkgsrcIgnore kludge, and
it doesn't try to cram everything in MASTER_SITES.

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