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Re: dependancies and bulk builds

 >>   The current approach guarantees correctness at the cost of longer
 >> build time.  While saving build time is a worthwhile goal, we should
 >> not sacrifice correctness of the resulting (official) binary packages.

> When a binary update for a security fix comes more than one week later
> because pbulk decided to rebuild 90% of the 7526 packages, the update isn't
> really usefull.

Only packages affected by security fixes can be rebuild in this case.
pbulk can do this. The only problem I see is the correct updating of
pkg_summary(5). If nothing changed since pkg/37539 pbulk just cannot
do this.

Though, pkg_refresh_summary can be used to correct this.  You can run
it manually after pbulk finishes its work like the following.

   download ftp://remote/server/pkg_summary.gz to ./pkg_summary.gz
   zcat ./pkg_summary.gz pkg_summary_generated_by_pbulk.gz |
      pkg_refresh_summary > pkg_summary_new.txt
   gzip -dc pkg_summary_new.txt >pkg_summary.gz
   upload ./pkg_summary.gz to ftp://remote/server/

pkg/37539: there I suggested a way to use external program to
create/update pkg_summary(5). Suggestion was rejected.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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