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Re: 2008Q1 -> current: downgrade

 >> As far as I understand nobody is currently working on EPOCH
 >> functionality of pkgsrc. I also assume that you, pkgsrc developers,
 >> agreed that this functionality will be helpful for pkgsrc.
 >> Can I send-pr a change-request about it?

> I'm sorry, but I'm still not convinced there's a huge need for it.
> I wanted to know when we'd use epoch, and have only had hand-waving
> answers.
I'm not sure that there is a HUGE need for this but sometimes it is
REALLY naeeded. I've already given two examples. One - sawfish, a few
CVS snapshots were released between two X.Y.Z releases. Another
example - wip/netbsd-awk package.

There are several PRs about NetBSD's version of awk.

  bin/33392 (closed)
  bin/36394 (closed
  bin/37205 (closed)
  bin/37212 (closed)
  standards/38127 (open)
  bin/38132 (open)
  bin/37106 (open)
  bin/30294 (open)

Suppose you package netbsd-awk-3.0 (obtained from NetBSD-3.0).
Then as soon as new PRs are opened and fixed, you may release
netbsd-awk-YYYYMMDD versions. Later switch to netbsd-awk-4.0
or netbsd-awk-5.0 and later switch to YYYYMMDD as soon
as open PRs will be fixed..

Note that a few PRs are still open.

These two examples are trivial.

> I don't feel it's prudent to do this to every package for just a
> small number of packages over the last 10 years which can be worked
> around.
Nobody ever counted a number of such packages ;-) and a number of
forced/unseen downgrades between quarter pkgsrc releases.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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