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Re: helper Makefile fragment to handle Ruby gems

Stoned Elipot wrote:
Going for ${RUBY_PKGPREFIX}-whatever and "converting" every potential
gem ruby package is appealing but requires a sort of flag day. I
do not have the time to handle this.

I could find the time to do this, but I'd like to get the approval of <taca> and <minskim> before I proceed with it.

As an installed gem is tied to a ruby version anyway I guess
${RUBY_PKGPREFIX}-gem-whatever might be nice as PKGNAME.
misc/rubygems/ could set PKGNAME?=
${RUBY_PKGPREFIX}-gem-${DISTNAME} as a "hint" and the package
directory names would still be rubygem-whatever.

I was about to commit misc/rubygems/ and my example
packages as is.  I can wait a little bit longer so that people
could propose something else.

I think you should start by committing just the file. Looking back at my notes for how I was going to do this in the past, my idea was to download a gem, unpack it so it could be (potentially) patched and modified by the pkgsrc Makefile, then create a new local gem from the modified files and install that local gem on the system. I'd like to modify to do this, but it's simpler to work on if it's in the tree. We can start committing gem packages after we get the naming sorted out.


        -- Johnny C. Lam

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