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Re: helper Makefile fragment to handle Ruby gems


On Sat, Mar 08, 2008 at 05:41:56AM +0000, Johnny C. Lam wrote:
> I've committed changes to the rubygems package to include the OpenSuSE
> patches.  I think your suggestion to force using DESTDIR-style
> installation with rubygems is a good idea, but I'd like to get your
> work into the tree before we play around with this.

==> Great. Many thanks.

> There is an issue with gems that I'm not sure how to handle with
> pkgsrc.  Gems allows multiple versions to be installed and that is a
> key feature of using gems in practice.  However, pkgsrc will not allow
> multiple versions of a package to be installed.  Do you have any ideas
> to deal with this?

==> No I do not. Sorry.

> For the naming convention for gems, I'm wondering what's the best way
> to name them.  One possibility is to use the Ruby package names with
> "gem" in name, e.g ${RUBY_PKGPREFIX}-gem-activesupport.  Alternatively,
> we could simply provide every Ruby package that's available as a gem
> and use the gem instead of the other installation methods -- in that
> case, we'd just keep the normal names, e.g.
> ${RUBY_PKGPREFIX}-activesupport.  It would be good to get input from
> <taca> and <minskim> on the best approach.

==> Right now the proposed misc/rubygems/ fragment sets
RUBYGEM_PKGPREFIX=rubygem and does not enforce PKGNAME.  So the
package creator can use it or not. In the examples packages I posted
I set PKGNAME=${RUBYGEM_PKGPREFIX}-${DISTNAME}. And also note that
they are stored in directories named category/rubygem-whatever.

I'm not particularly fond of this naming.

Going for ${RUBY_PKGPREFIX}-whatever and "converting" every potential
gem ruby package is appealing but requires a sort of flag day. I
do not have the time to handle this.

As an installed gem is tied to a ruby version anyway I guess
${RUBY_PKGPREFIX}-gem-whatever might be nice as PKGNAME.
misc/rubygems/ could set PKGNAME?=
${RUBY_PKGPREFIX}-gem-${DISTNAME} as a "hint" and the package
directory names would still be rubygem-whatever.

I was about to commit misc/rubygems/ and my example
packages as is.  I can wait a little bit longer so that people
could propose something else.

Cheers, Stoned.

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