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helper Makefile fragment to handle Ruby gems

Inspired by FreeBSD's ports/devel/ruby-gems/Makefile.common
I came up with pkgsrc/misc/rubygems/ as a little Makefile fragment
to handle Ruby gems packaging.

In the attached tarball you'll find the above mentioned
and 3 "rubygem" packages as test cases: devel/rubygem-ruby-debug
and its supporting package devel/rubygem-ruby-debug-base, and net/rubygem-snmp.

devel/rubygem-ruby-debug-base is a nice test case because its
corresponding gem contains C sources resulting in a shared library
being installed (of course this build is magically made under the
tools, buildlink3, ... frameworks).

Comments, suggestions for improvements before I commit this?

Cheers, Stoned.

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