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Re: pkgsrc oddities/bugs

Dieter Baron <> writes:

> In article <> M.K. wrote:
> : > That's not a supported way to change package builds. The pkgsrc way is
> : > to have the pkgsrc makefile control things.
> : I guess you are right. How do you propose to pass additional options to
> : configure, then?
>   You don't.  As you noted in your original mail, pkgsrc has to be
> aware of the consequences of these additional aruments, as it may
> result in a different set of files being installed, or different
> dependency requirements.
>   If the package maintainer feels it's worthwhile to support multiple
> ways to build the package, the choice is presented to the user via
> options.  If you think a package should have an option it does not
> have, take it up with the package maintainer.  In the case of NLS
> support, however, I think the effort is not worth the gain: we would
> need to add the option to a vast number of packages only to save one
> dependency and a few files.


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