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Re: pkgsrc oddities/bugs

In article <> M.K. wrote:
: > That's not a supported way to change package builds. The pkgsrc way is
: > to have the pkgsrc makefile control things.

: I guess you are right. How do you propose to pass additional options to
: configure, then?

  You don't.  As you noted in your original mail, pkgsrc has to be
aware of the consequences of these additional aruments, as it may
result in a different set of files being installed, or different
dependency requirements.

  If the package maintainer feels it's worthwhile to support multiple
ways to build the package, the choice is presented to the user via
options.  If you think a package should have an option it does not
have, take it up with the package maintainer.  In the case of NLS
support, however, I think the effort is not worth the gain: we would
need to add the option to a vast number of packages only to save one
dependency and a few files.


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