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using gmake, really!

I'm trying to build openjade on mac os x, and it fails:

        gnumake[2]: *** No rule to make target `-lintl', needed by `openjade'.  

Apparently this is because the system's old /usr/bin/gnumake is used, instead of pkgsrc's newer gmake. After some guessing, setting

        _TOOLS_USE_PKGSRC.gmake=        yes

gets me a proper link to pkgsrc' gmake in the .tools/bin directory, but pkgsrc still runs /usr/bin/gnumake upon "make".

Why doesn't it just run "gmake"?

And: how do I really get to use "USE_TOOL=gmake" to use pkgsrc' gmake, instead of the system's?

(and no, setting PREFER_PKGSRC.gmake=yes didn't help. and PREFER_PKGSRC=yes complained abouticonv not installed)

 - Hubert (clueless)

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