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Re: Fwd: Making MPSAFE/Converting Wi-Fi driver (GSoC)

On 4/17/22, Martin Husemann <> wrote:
> Both proposals look sane to me. I had suggested the other order of the
> ehternet drivers exactly because bge(4) is the way more complex hardware,
> but in the end it does not make a big difference for the changes you would
> need to make (I guess, not being familiar with either).

I've submitted the wifi proposal.  As for the ethernet one, doing
bge(4) first should be possible, but I'd need to get a replacement
part for the computer that has a Broadcom controller (delivery will
take ~3 weeks) and still can't guarantee for certain that it would

I think it would most likely be fine, but after making that clearer in
the proposal, I wonder how practical a proposal with that kind of
variable is, if it turns out that alc(4) alone isn't enough work.

> For athn there is the additional complexity of the usb variant - if you
> can not test pci/cardbus but only usb (or vice versa) you should state
> that explicitly [modify the goal accordingly]. There is no real difference
> (from the drivers point of view) between cardbus and pci, but usb needs
> slightly different handling.


Kind regards, Jeandre

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