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Re: Fwd: Making MPSAFE/Converting Wi-Fi driver (GSoC)

On Sun, Apr 17, 2022 at 12:11:03AM +1200, Jeandre Kruger wrote:
> > Taking that suggestion, here are my draft proposals.  I'll appreciate
> > any feedback.  (I put the Ethernet drivers the other way around,
> > because alc(4) will be easier hardware-wise, but either way should be
> > possible.)

Both proposals look sane to me. I had suggested the other order of the
ehternet drivers exactly because bge(4) is the way more complex hardware,
but in the end it does not make a big difference for the changes you would
need to make (I guess, not being familiar with either).

For athn there is the additional complexity of the usb variant - if you
can not test pci/cardbus but only usb (or vice versa) you should state
that explicitly [modify the goal accordingly]. There is no real difference
(from the drivers point of view) between cardbus and pci, but usb needs
slightly different handling.


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