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Making MPSAFE/Converting Wi-Fi driver (GSoC)


If it it's not much too late to apply for Google Summer of Code
(please tell me if it is), I'm considering either of these, about
which I have a few questions:

The latter mentions "fine-grained locking," so is there some overlap
between them?  Is the second project much harder than the first?  Will
it eventually make the first one redundant?

Is a basic idea of how to use mutexes sufficient, or do you need
experience in writing SMP code, avoiding/debugging race conditions,
etc.?  Is a "faster performing card" necessary?  Is a true
multiprocessor system necessary or will a netbook with hyper threading
(a single-core Intel Atom processor, but two logical cores) suffice?

I had a quick look at athn.c and it doesn't look too difficult to
follow, although I have no experience working on network drivers.  I
have dipped my toes into some bare-metal programming, e.g. x86
assembly, a tiny bit of VGA graphics.  Would this be suitable for me,
or should I try to pick another project?

Thanks in advance,

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