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Re: Making MPSAFE/Converting Wi-Fi driver (GSoC)

On 4/13/22, Martin Husemann <> wrote:
> It is not, deadline is April 19:

Thanks, I was a bit vague -- I'm aware of the deadline but I was wondering if
I hadn't done enough preparation in advance.

> The projects are related, but there are lots of non-wifi network drivers
> ;-)
> So it is maybe easier to read the first project as "make a ethernet
> network driver MPSAFE" (we have few examples in tree that already
> are, like wm(4)), while the second is specifically about wlan drivers,
> where we (additionally to the MPSAFE-ness) are converting to a different
> IEEE 802.11 stack, so more than MPSAFE-changes are needed, see:
> I don't think one of the projects is harder than the other.

> You need hardware for the driver you are changing - nothing else is
> a requirement.

> I'd say both projects are good for you - just pick what you prefer to
> work on.
> Martin

OK, that helps a lot.  I would've worried a bit about bugs that would
be apparent only on higher-performing hardware, but maybe I'm
overestimating the complexity.

If possible, then, I'd like to apply to convert the athn(4) driver. Then
if time allows I could also do the ath driver (if that makes sense -- both
work with my wifi adapter), the alc Ethernet driver, and/or the bge Ethernet

Kind regards, Jeandre

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