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Re: Retiring dhclient

On 24/11/2011 16:25, Ted Lemon wrote:
On Nov 24, 2011, at 3:53 AM, Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
Perhaps it would be better to set the MTU only if it actually differs
from the
MTU already configured on the adapter?

A lot of those configuration parameters are weird to me. Why should the
DHCP server have a better idea of what the MTU should be than the client
does? These were put in the spec for completeness, and I suppose it's
not out of the question that they might be useful, but it seems unlikely
that they would be useful by default.

I did actually use it myself at one time, as I had to use an MTU of 1492 to get my Linux router to work for my home network. Interestingly, one of my hardware applicances (by memory my Wii) did set MTU via DHCP but not allow it manually.

Now I have replaced that with a NetBSD router I can happly use 1500 MTU for my IPv4 network so my personal need has gone.

Weird? Maybe, but this is the only reason I can think of why the default is a good thing.

Now, while I know a fair chunk about DHCPv4, I know little about MTU and it's application in terms of who knows best (client vs server) or what the best default would be for NetBSD.



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