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Retiring dhclient

Hi all,
I would like to retire dhclient before netbsd-6. I don't think it
provides a functional advantage over dhcpcd. The reverse is not true.
I want to collect TODO items for this to happen, mostly in the
documentation section to deal with the changes.

The first important item that comes to mind is the retirement of
/sbin/dhclient-script. If a user has custom modifications to this file,
they need to be ported to /libexec/dhcpcd-hooks or
/etc/dhcpcd.{enter,exit}hook. This should normally be either just copy and
paste or disabling of the normal hooks. More importantly, a number of
custom modifications can be done from the command line directly now.
This is a case of documentation, IMO.

The second important item is that dhcpcd by default depends on working
link state management in the driver. Sadly, quite a few of our older
drivers don't do it properly. Typical issue is calling if_reset from
if_ioctl e.g. to update multicast filters. This is a two fold issue:
(1) Fixing kernel drivers to not do this.
(2) Documenting the work arounds (aka crippling dhcpcd with -K)
Building a list of drivers affected would be a good start.

What other items are missing?


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