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Re: Experiments with npf on -current

Darren Reed wrote:
Zoltan Arnold NAGY wrote:
If we did introduce security holes even when npf is disabled, I sincerely
apologize; if we did not, then I seriously don't get your tone.

Because even if it is disabled by default, there's nothing stopping someone
from downloading -current today, using npf and falling victim to the bugs.

There's more reasoning but I just can't seem to put the thoughts and ideas
into coherant sentences (everything I try just comes out wrong).
My apologies for that.

NetBSD provides enough warnings along the way for -current users, e.g. [1]:
This system is running a development snapshot of the NetBSD operating system, also known as NetBSD-current. It is very possible that it has serious bugs, regressions, broken features or other problems. Please bear this in mind and use the system with care.



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