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Re: Experiments with npf on -current

On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 4:47 PM, rudolf <> wrote:
> Darren Reed wrote:
>> Zoltan Arnold NAGY wrote:
>>> If we did introduce security holes even when npf is disabled, I sincerely
>>> apologize; if we did not, then I seriously don't get your tone.
>> Because even if it is disabled by default, there's nothing stopping
>> someone
>> from downloading -current today, using npf and falling victim to the bugs.
>> There's more reasoning but I just can't seem to put the thoughts and ideas
>> into coherant sentences (everything I try just comes out wrong).
>> My apologies for that.
> NetBSD provides enough warnings along the way for -current users, e.g. [1]:
> This system is running a development snapshot of the NetBSD operating
> system, also known as NetBSD-current.  It is very possible that it has
> serious bugs, regressions, broken features or other problems.  Please bear
> this in mind and use the system with care.
And by all means, please feel free to open PRs, and feel free to
assign them directly
to me. I'm happy to fix them.
But it's hard to fix something I don't know about :)


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