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Re: wiconfig(8) and non-wi(4) 802.11 drivers

On Tue, 26 Aug 2008, der Mouse wrote:
> Surely we should be moving things _out of_, not _into_ ifconfig?  It
> already has way too many special cases that belong in per-device config
> programs (eg, the vlan and vlanif keywords, which exist solely for
> vlan(4) and which really belong in a vlanconfig of some sort).

I believe that the current thinking is along the lines of "If it has
anything to do with configuring a network interface, then ifconfig
should do it".  So ifconfig can tell a vlan what physical interface to
use, can tell various tunnel interfaces what outer addresses and/or
ports to use, can tell various radio interfaces what channels and/or
ssids to use, etc.

I rather like being able to use "ifconfig ${ifname} ssid ${ssid}"
regardless of whether my radio interface is wi, wpi, ipw, iwi, etc.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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