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Re: MPLS patches

* Mihai Chelaru <> [2008-01-03 21:38]:
>> What about BGP/MPLS VPNs?
> I hope to get those working helped by openbgpd. No work has been done 
> towards this yet. Just kernel and ldp. Also I have to implement VRF support 
> in NetBSD but that's another sad story :/

we'd be interested in such changes.
people have asked for teh ability to distribute bgp/mpls stuff with 
openbgpd before, even without kernel support. nobody has stepped up 
toactually write code, I personally have not enough interest and no 
usage case either. nontheless, if there's interest I'm certainly open 
for diffs and willing to help.

Henning Brauer,,
BS Web Services,
Full-Service ISP - Secure Hosting, Mail and DNS Services
Dedicated Servers, Rootservers, Application Hosting - Hamburg & Amsterdam

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