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re: why not have rcvars for all rc.d scripts? -- and downinterfaces and not complete rc.d scripts

this dredges up some old memories :-)
   1) Why not have rcvars for all rc.d scripts?
   Several scripts can't be disabled (i.e. they don't have any rcvar to 
   enable):, downinterfaces, fsck, local, mountall, 
   mountcritlocal, mountcritremote, network, ppp, pwcheck, raidframeparity, 
   root, securelevel, staticroute, swap1, swap2, sysdb (on older systems), 
   sysctl, and ttys.
   If I am overlooking something about that please let me know.

   Should we consider offering an rcvar and setting to YES for all or some of 

probably.  having some like mountall or root turned off may be
confusing to people who do that accidentally.  (also include
mountcritlocal, mountcritremote and sysdb in this list..)
   What were the arguments against this?

were?  when i split up /etc/rc into the scripts lukem turned
into what first appeared in netbsd, there were only a few
rc.conf variables in use, and most of /etc/rc ran.  so for
a lot of them, i did not create rc.conf variables.

   2) downinterfaces and not complete rc.d scripts
   I noticed that and downinterfaces aren't real rc.d scripts. doesn't use rc.subr and downinterfaces only uses rc.subr when 
   ran with the "stop" argument.

these seem broken.  they should be fixed.

   p.s. And why does ttys have a different name (ttyflags)?

it sets up ttys, not just runs ttyflags?


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