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Re: where are fsck return values documented?

In article <>,
Jeremy C. Reed <> wrote:
>I see /etc/rc.d/fsck checks fsck return values.
>Where are they documented?

They are documented now in fsck.8

>I see some in fsck_* sources.
>I think 4 is for fsck_msdos.
>8 is in fsck_msdos and fsck_ffs and fsck_lfs
>fsck_ext2fs, fsck_ffs and fsck_lfs have 12
>I am not sure about 2.
>And where does 130 come from?
>  Jeremy C. Reed

128 + 2 [SIGNALLED + SIGINT], should not really be there, but fsck_msdos
does not catch signals :-( Someone should fix it :-)


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