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NetBSD-based file servers

After the recent problems[*] we've been having with our (4.0/amd64) file 
server, I'll surely be facing the question why we're not using that other OS 
everybody else does.

So I need some data for that upcoming discussion. Who is using NetBSD to 
operate a file server on a scale comparable to or larger than ours, i.e. ~200 
users, ~1TB storage? If so, which version on what kind of hardware?

[*] Panic on quotaoff, HD failure on parity rebuild, failure to negotiate sync 
SCSI with the replacement drive on attach, another panic when trying to 
interrupt the reconstruction, lost disklabel on the RAID set afterwards, then a 
damaged FS with need for manual fsck. Loads of fun from ~1pm to ~1am.

Thanks for your answers.

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