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Re: NetBSD-based file servers

Am 05.03.12 20:41, schrieb Edgar Fuß:
> After the recent problems[*] we've been having with our (4.0/amd64) file 
> server, I'll surely be facing the question why we're not using that other OS 
> everybody else does.

You sureley mean an up-to-date version of NetBSD, right?  btw, if you
would fold your lines, it would be easier to read your emails.

> So I need some data for that upcoming discussion. Who is using NetBSD to 
> operate a file server on a scale comparable to or larger than ours, i.e. ~200 
> users, ~1TB storage? If so, which version on what kind of hardware?
> [*] Panic on quotaoff, HD failure on parity rebuild, failure to negotiate 
> sync SCSI with the replacement drive on attach, another panic when trying to 
> interrupt the reconstruction, lost disklabel on the RAID set afterwards, then 
> a damaged FS with need for manual fsck. Loads of fun from ~1pm to ~1am.
> Thanks for your answers.

I am using NetBSD for mission critical database service, and I see no
such problems.  We serve 1.7 billion users per year, to issue tickets,
and it works nicely.

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