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Naming of directory from which to load kernel modules

        (Thread on renaming directory from which to load kernels
        modules from /stand to /kernel switched from source-changes
        to tech-kern - please drop source-changes from any reply)

On Sat, 24 Jan 2009, Adam Hoka wrote:

I dont really think the name matters too much, just
make it to be able to use different module dir for
different kernels.
Like if you boot netbsd.old make it use modules/netbsd.old/,
so no symlink magic is required.

        I suspect what may be needed is a searchpath for modules, based
        on at least the kernel version and potentially the kernel name,
        eg, booting a /onetbsd of version 5.99.4 would look in

        The first matching path found would be used for all modules - no
        'mix and match' from different directories

        Replace ${kernel} with top-level-directory-of-choice, which
        may or may not be /kernel

        Some people prefer /kmods, some /kernel, some /stand, and there
        are probably other preferences.
        One question - would people anticipate some users keeping the
        kernels in this directory as well? so you could boot
        /kernel/onetbsd ?

                David/absolute       -- No hype required --

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