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Re: Naming of directory from which to load kernel modules

On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 2:01 PM, David Brownlee <> 
>        (Thread on renaming directory from which to load kernels
>        modules from /stand to /kernel switched from source-changes
>        to tech-kern - please drop source-changes from any reply)
> On Sat, 24 Jan 2009, Adam Hoka wrote:
>> I dont really think the name matters too much, just
>> make it to be able to use different module dir for
>> different kernels.
>> Like if you boot netbsd.old make it use modules/netbsd.old/,
>> so no symlink magic is required.
>        I suspect what may be needed is a searchpath for modules, based
>        on at least the kernel version and potentially the kernel name,
>        eg, booting a /onetbsd of version 5.99.4 would look in
>                /${kernel}/modules-onetbsd-5.99.4
>                /${kernel}/modules-onetbsd
>                /${kernel}/modules-5.99.4
>                /${kernel}/modules
Please, don't pollute / with more and more directory.

Are you able to know *for sure* the kernel image you are run from when
you use, say, PXE boot or third party bootloader (grub, u-boot,
redboot) or when you are bootstrapped from another OS ? If not, the
proposal is not a good idea.

 - Arnaud

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