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Re: Naming of directory from which to load kernel modules

David Brownlee <> wrote:
>       I suspect what may be needed is a searchpath for modules, based
>       on at least the kernel version and potentially the kernel name,
>       eg, booting a /onetbsd of version 5.99.4 would look in
>                  /${kernel}/modules-onetbsd-5.99.4
>                  /${kernel}/modules-onetbsd
>                  /${kernel}/modules-5.99.4
>                  /${kernel}/modules
>          The first matching path found would be used for all modules - no
>          'mix and match' from different directories
>          Replace ${kernel} with top-level-directory-of-choice, which
>          may or may not be /kernel
>       Some people prefer /kmods, some /kernel, some /stand, and there
>       are probably other preferences.
>       One question - would people anticipate some users keeping the
>       kernels in this directory as well? so you could boot
>       /kernel/onetbsd ?

- Collision with the kernel name is confusing. Also, I would prefer to have
  a single tree, instead of a tree for each kernel name.

- Why another "modules" directory level? We are discussing root directory,
  not changing an existing structure. What is wrong with the current one:


- Moving the kernel image to the "/kernel" sounds reasonable. However, is
  there a good reason at this moment?

Best regards,

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