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Re: kinfo_proc * 2

On 12.01-12:48, matthew green wrote:
[ ... ]
>    >> The old one (kinfo_proc) is kept for compatibility. I don't think that
>    >> it is used anymore.
>    >
>    >thanks, do you know if there is there is a process for expiring it is
>    >it expected to just remain indefinately or is it for compatibility
>    >with a specific older target that will remain?
>    We need to look first if it is used anymore. Then the standard deprecation
>    is to move it to compat/sys... We really don't remove things for binary
>    compatibility but maybe we should :-)
> yeah - we should move it to compat dir.

whilst renaming it 'kinfo_proc_compat31' (or something) and subsequently
renaming 'kinfo_proc2' to 'kinfo_proc'.  i'm prepared to do it and
follow it through if someone with knowledge/authority can help by
supplying agreed struct names, conversion routines and compat definitions
that should be expected (e.g. 'kinfo_proc_compat31_to_native' or
'_COMPAT_KINFO_PROC_31' or whatever).

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