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re: kinfo_proc * 2

   In article <>,
   ttw  <> wrote:
   >Christos Zoulas <christos <at>> writes:
   >> The old one (kinfo_proc) is kept for compatibility. I don't think that
   >> it is used anymore.
   >thanks, do you know if there is there is a process for expiring it is
   >it expected to just remain indefinately or is it for compatibility
   >with a specific older target that will remain?
   We need to look first if it is used anymore. Then the standard deprecation
   is to move it to compat/sys... We really don't remove things for binary
   compatibility but maybe we should :-)

yeah - we should move it to compat dir.

in other news, in testing a.out binaries on sparc & sparc64 i've
noticed that static works but dynamic gets a SEGV soon after it


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