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Re: Releases

This is simple: we need builders both in the USA, and outside. We always
build crypto, with the crypto source drawn from the appropriate repository.
We put the resulting releases on FTP servers in the USA and outside, as
appropriate to the builder and the source of the crypto. We direct our
customers to download from the appropriate FTP server.

We all thus have wonderful interoperable crypto in our systems, and USA
ITAR is satisfied.

Just a small matter of recruitment.

Failing that, we ignore the USA crypto source, and just recruit builders
from outside the USA and have them build everything on the crypto-intl
source, and the results are placed on FTP servers outside the USA. We all
still get crypto, and USA ITAR is still satisfied. This will annoy the
people who wanted to work on the crypto-usa tree, but unless we can find
enough people to build...

We should *never* ship a crippled (i.e. no-crypto) NetBSD release from this
point forward.

Aren't logistics fun?


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