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Re: Releases

>>>>> "Perry" == Perry E Metzger <> writes:
    Perry> We have an interesting problem for future releases.

    Perry> For 1.4, we had domestic US cryptography only. Because of this, we
    Perry> could release a "secr" set built out of those sources for
    Perry> U.S. consumption and be done with it. If you were in the U.S. and
    Perry> Canada you could choose to fetch secr and if you were outside you
    Perry> couldn't and just ran without.

    Perry> Now, however, we have both U.S. and non-US crypto. We have to make
    Perry> policy decisions about what gets put into the official 1.5 release,
    Perry> and where it gets built. This is a can of worms. Anyone care to
    Perry> brainstorm on the subject?

  Would you say that the "secr" set was really part of the official release
  After all, it was not unencumbered the way that the rest of code
is. Although it didn't not have licensing issues, it still could not be
redistributed, sold, modified, etc. as freely as, say, syssrc.

  My preference is to have "isecr" to replace "secr", and encourage US people
to import it. I don't think we can given up "secr" yet, though, but that
isn't my place to comment upon.

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