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Re: Access to cryptosrc-intl for US?

>>>>> "Jan-Hinrich" == Jan-Hinrich Fessel <> 
>>>>> writes:
    >> So, the situation is that we have bandwidth and disk space on
    >> to host anonymous FTP, and later anon-CVS for crypto-intl,
    >> and the rest of the tree.

    Jan-Hinrich> sounds promising.

    >> We are currently working on getting the process in place to permit the
    >> mirroring of the CVS repository, and then things will be automated.
    >> Then names will be put in place and an announcement will be made.

    Jan-Hinrich> Will there be mirrors of this?  What I mean is, im planning
    Jan-Hinrich> to update in the next few weeks and then
    Jan-Hinrich> there will be space and some bandwidth...

  Clearly, the more the merrier.

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