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Re: Address of second TMSCP controller

On 3/20/21 10:09 AM, Tom Ivar Helbekkmo wrote:
Johnny Billquist <bqt%update.uu.se@localhost> writes:

This got to have been a couple of years ago at least... :-)

Heh, yeah - and my MUA for some reason decided to show it as unread
mail, all of a sudden.  Weird.  :)

Anyway, I agree that it's mostly not very useful to follow DEC's
convention -- except maybe when running separately booted diagnostics.
I just do it because it feels right to have my PDP-11 systems configured
according to spec, with devices in the recommended order on the bus, and
at the standard addresses.

Also, of course, it took quite a few hours of work to copy out the
device table by hand, and to test the correctness of every number
against SYSGEN, so I'm damned well going to use the resulting tool!  :)

  It's very handy; we use it at LSSM when putting together new systems.


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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