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Re: KA48 / VAXstation VLC cache question

> Looking in the KA-660 CPU Module Technical Manual, it seems that enabling 
> the cache is straightforward: enable and flush the cache. I'm not sure why 
> the procedure which is currently in ka48.c appears more complicated - from 
> what I can tell, but I could be wrong, it seems to expect the cache to be 
> mapped to memory locations and clears the cache that way. Since the code 
> makes reference to PARCTL which is part of the CMCTL controller which 
> isn't in the VLC, I don't see why that's in ka48_cache_enable. The KA660 
> manual says to memory map the cache one needs to do a mtpr(1, 37), and I 
> don't see that anywhere.

You might want to try and get a hold on Michael Kukat, who contributed
support for that particular processor, apparently from VMS information.

But then, unearthing old mails seem to hint that the KA48 cache did not
work reliably, see:

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