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Re: NetBSD 7 and current issues

> All physical memory is directly mapped to the first part of system
> space.  This is done early in the boot process.  Here is also the
> user page table size included at a total of 1GB which takes 8MB of
> kernel virtual memory.

Hm, if it's prepared for only 1G worth of user page tables, then it's
definitely not going to be able to map 1G of P1 space _plus_ whatever
P0 space is in use.

> 8MB takes 64k of physical memory which is quite much on a vax as you
> know :-)

A gigabyte here, a gigabyte there, pretty soon you're talking serious
amounts of memory.

>> I'm wondering if this could be a misfire somewhere in the `extend
>> the stack' code, trying to extend the stack through all of P1 space.
> Not likely, since there is a stack limit MAXSSIZ is 8MB.  Below it is
> all mmap space.

Hm, yeah, that test would have to break before any of the rest could
even come into play, so probably not.

Oh well, it was a nice idea while it lasted. :-)

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