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NetBSD 7 and current issues

Has anyone besides me noticed that NetBSD 7 and current panic if you try to run an aout binary?

# ./dry2-1.5
panic: usrptmap space leakage
Stopped in pid 13.1 (dry2-1.5) at       netbsd:vpanic+0xce:     pushl   $n
db> bt
panic: usrptmap space leakage
Stack traceback :
0x84058c80: vpanic+0xce(0x8026e08a,0x84058d20)
0x84058ca0: snprintf+0x0(0x8026e08a)
0x84058cd4: pmap_getusrptes+0x195(0x816ed2d0,0x800000)
0x84058d38: pmap_enter+0x241(0x816ed2d0,0x40005000,0x1370000,0x5,0x20)
0x84058d88: uvm_fault_internal+0xb9b(0x81663d40,0x40004000,0x1,0)
0x84058ef8: trap+0x35d(0x84058fb4)

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