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Re: NetBSD 7 and current issues

>> 0x84058d38: pmap_enter+0x241(0x816ed2d0,0x40005000,0x1370000,0x5,0x20)
>> 0x84058d88: uvm_fault_internal+0xb9b(0x81663d40,0x40004000,0x1,0)

> However, we can see that pmap_enter tries tries to map in space at
> 0x40005000, which means that it needs to map virtually the whole P1
> pte space, which is the problem.

Eight megabytes of system space?  Strikes me as a lot, for a VAX.  (Is
system space even eight megabytes big?)

Or is the VAX pmap in question maybe trying to be prepared for the
rtVAX case and demanding physically contiguous pages?

> So the interesting thing is why this specific address is mapped.
> mmap'ed space should go just below the stack, and not in the bottom
> of P1.

What makes you think it's mmapped?  I'm wondering if this could be a
misfire somewhere in the `extend the stack' code, trying to extend the
stack through all of P1 space.

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