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Re: VAXstation 4000/90 help


 I also verified that without any memory, the LEDS show 0xF2 and it
sits there with no other action or output.  With working memory present,
the LEDS start with 0xFC, runs through a number of other combinations, and ends with 0xF3 displaying when it's at the ROM prompt. This would seem to indicate that you don't have working memory.

This helped me narrow things down. I tried various combinations until I looked very carefully at both the memory SIMMs and the motherboard and noticed a strange fuzz which looked a little bit like how circuit boards look when a battery has leaked and has caused corrosion. I cleaned both the SIMM which had it as well as the motherboard slot, looked for anything which might've caused it (leaky capacitor, for instance), but I couldn't find anything, so I put everything back and got blinky lights, then the tones that play after several minutes!

     5         MEM    OK
                      32MB   0A,0B,0C,0D=4MB, 1E,1F,1G,1H=4MB

Next... Does anyone know what this error means?

     2       LCSPX    ?? 001 0480
                      Highres 66Hz - 8 Plane 4Mpixel FB - V1.0


T 2
| |
?? 001   2     LCSPX  0480

  84 FAIL
show error

?? 001   2     LCSPX  01E0
015 01E1 00FC1503 0054C797 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

I'm not using the video display, but it'd be good to know since I'd like to use it someday... The manual seems to say something about the DAC, but I can't find the specific error which corresponds to this. Also, the LEDs show 0010 0111, which isn't even listed in the error code list for the LCSPX. Any ideas?


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