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Re: VAXstation 4000/90 help

So it stops at 1? Or do you mean it becomes dark? And by "7,6,5,4,1" do you mean that one LED at the time is lit, the LEDs being the ones marked with those numbers, or do you mean that the binary value shown is those values?

They light up together.

PC keyboards... I doubt you'd even want to try one of those, even if you could locate a converter. You do understand that the keyboards are totally different from PC ones?

Yes, but since I see that they can be had for $30 USD or so on eBay, I guess I won't worry about an adapter. It's not like the prices for Amiga keyboards, for instance.

different protocols, and capabilities. But as always, a converter is always possible to build, and maybe one do exist. I've not seen one, though.

But LK201 keyboards are not uncommon, so it should be fairly easy to get one. DEC used them for all terminals and computers of the era. SO, the same keyboards (or compatible) are used for VT220, VT240, VT241, VT320, VT330, VT340, VT420, DEC Professional, DECmate, DEC Rainbow, all VAXstations of the time, as well as DECstations (MIPS based) and whatever other special equipment DEC made.

Good to know that getting one keyboard will cover many uses.


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