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Re: VAXstation 4000/90 help

On 2010-11-29 21:20, John Klos wrote:
Is the memory compatable with the 4000/60? [I've never actually tried.]

Yes. The kits are the same part number from Digital, and a few other
places mention that they're compatible, too. Some model or another
requires sets of four, and the 4000/60 only requires sets, but I tried a
bank of four of the same size just in case.

What do the LEDs show, btw? It would perhaps seem as if your machine isn't really coming up. Memory could be the problem, I don't know... But an error code on the LEDs would be interesting.

If you have a keyboard and monitor, does the graphics console show
anything? That could at least verify that everything other than the
serial port is working.

Nah. I have to buy one of those IBM 3W (whatever that's called - I
forgot) to BNC cables. Apparently two of the colors are switched, but
who cares?

SPeaking of which... I'd like to get my hands on such a cable as well. Anyone know where to buy them?

I don't even know what the specs on the keyboard are...

Normal LK201 or whatever, I believe. Any DEC keyboard with a 4-pin modular phone connector.


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