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Re: vax port status

Johnny Billquist wrote:
Michael Schneider wrote:


448 MB??? What kind of hardware are we talking about here?
My 4000/90 is maxed out at 128MB, and some of the machines that support more physical memory aren't even supported by NetBSD. That's some nice machine you have...

Welll, yes, i have to admit this is really a nice beast... ;-)
It's a 4000/705A with three MS690-DA and one MS690-CA memory boards. I salvaged the memory boards from a local scrap-dump, literally. I have never expected them to work, cleaning alone was a major issue. The rest of the machine is from a local university - from the design and marketing faculty! I have no idea what they needed a VAX for.

Last summer i finally found some time to clean and restore the machine. I am right now running 5.0_BETA from around christmas, which seems stable. Have to fetch -current now and try a fresh build then.



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