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Re: building netbsd-5_beta native on vax 11/780

Brad Parker wrote:
Using a beta_5 snapshot from a few days ago, I'm trying to do a full
native build on a simulated vax 11/780, using a 2.0.3 kernel and

groff crashed a few times, but *after* producing the output file, so
just restarting worked.

Well, technically it isn't producing the output file, but the file do get created, so make will go on to the next thing in the makefile on the next invocation anyway.

I haven't seen any asn.1 problems anyway, but I'll report if I get any.
I think I'm past the groff crashes on the build on my 4000/90 now.

Now I'll just have to live to a day or so compiling libc, and another day or two for libcrypt.


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