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Re: netbsd on vax 11/730; booting in sim

der Mouse wrote:
VAX users are the ones with the vested interest in fixing the
problems.  Perhaps some of them ought to step up and debug the issues
so that NetBSD 5 can run well on the VAX.

If (the rest of) NetBSD would give the VAX users a little consideration
when making changes to the main line, instead of "we're going this way,
you can come along if you can keep up", perhaps that might happen.  But
it's soul-killing to try to help only to be shown you don't matter
enough for you to even be considered when making changes that affect
everyone.  Consider - well, practically any of the last few changes
that have broken the VAX port.  Things like bringing in a gcc version
that doesn't really support VAX any longer (and can't even run on a lot
of VAXen without thrashing itself to death) send a very clear message
to VAX people that NetBSD qua NetBSD no longer cares about VAX; why
should VAX people care about NetBSD?

The real question is why the VAX people are even still here, not why
they're not contributing more.  Perhaps Johnny is right and it's time
for another fork.  NetBSD seems to be no longer interested in
supporting the legacy systems that were once one of its big strengths;
maybe it's time for a BSD that is.

I'm not sure if it's time for a fork, or time to just give up.
Although, I wouldn't mind having a system a little more streamlined than NetBSD is now. It used to be pretty nice, and very okay a while back, but currently it don't feel so anymore. Having a nice Unix system to run on the VAXen would still be nice, though. Maybe it's worth atleast spending some time trying to sort out what is causing the system to feel so wrong now.


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