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Re: current status of NetBSD on VAX

Hi, Emanuel.

Not sure exactly what you want, so it's a bit difficult to answer. If you want to try current, what's the blurb about 4.0? Or do you mean you want to install 4.0, and try building -current from there?

Or are you intending to do a cross build on another system, and just install on your VAX?

Once you have any system up and running, you can check out any version you want with cvs, so that's not a problem.
You just need disk space.

If I were to answer which version someone should try, with a VAX, then 4.0 would be okay I guess.


e.stiebler wrote:
Hi all,
just some stupid questions, as I have some spare cycles at the moment to try.

What should I set up to try the current version of NetBSD on the VAX :

Which Version should I install ? ( NetBSD 4.0 or 4.0.1 )

Get CVS for sure,

and then, I used the following to take it for a spin, is this still the best command to do so ?

./build.sh -O /usr/obj -D /usr/release.vax -T /usr/tools build


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