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Re: Native build...

Hmm, maybe all we need is a larger interrupt stack?


Tom Ivar Helbekkmo skrev:
Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <tih%Hamartun.Priv.NO@localhost> writes:

I deliberatedly quit a long-running 'top', whose parent shell had been
swapped out.  This now caused the VAX to drop to the chevron prompt,
claiming an 'ISP ERR'.

...and the PC tells me that it happened in /sys/arch/vax/vax/trap.c, at
line 125 of version 1.112 of that file:

trap(struct trapframe *frame)
        u_int   sig = 0, type = frame->trap, code = 0;
        u_int   rv, addr;
        bool trapsig = true;
        const bool usermode = USERMODE_P(frame);;
        struct  lwp *l;
        struct  proc *p;
        u_quad_t oticks = 0;
        struct vmspace *vm;
        struct vm_map *map;
        vm_prot_t ftype;

        l = curlwp;
        KASSERT(l != NULL);
==>     p = l->l_proc;
        KASSERT(p != NULL);
        if (usermode) {
                type |= T_USER;
                oticks = p->p_sticks;
                l->l_addr->u_pcb.framep = frame;
                LWP_CACHE_CREDS(l, p);

        type &= ~(T_WRITE|T_PTEFETCH);


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